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The new Fiat Doblò Cargo wins "International Van of the Year 2011"

The new Fiat Doblò Cargo has been awarded the International Van of the Year award 2011 – with 128 of a possible 168 points - by a jury made up of 24 specialist commercial vehicle trade journalists representing the same number of countries.

The prestigious trophy was awarded during a gala evening to mark the 63rd edition of the Hanover International Motor Show, the most important commercial and industrial vehicle show in Europe.


The jury’s opinion of the new Doblò Cargo

Announcing the 2011 result, chairman of the International Van of the Year jury, Pieter Wieman, said “the winning van design had impressed the jury on a number of fronts and above all by the fact that Fiat has succeeded in widening the number of platform and body varieties to a higher number than any other van in this category. The Doblò range includes not only a long wheelbase version with high roof but also a chassis-cab version with flatbed and an OEM truck version.
The jury was particularly impressed with the wide range of engines which also includes a turbocharged CNG engine and an electric version. Furthermore the jury was impressed with the driving qualities and the high level of comfort that the different versions of the Doblò offer”.

Lorenzo Sistino, Fiat Professional CEO, commented the award for Fiat Doblò: “New Doblò Cargo has been an innovative vehicle right from its concept. With Doblò we offer our Customers the widest choice, the lowest emissions and the most advanced technology in this category. The award is a testimony to our product innovation capacity. The fact that the Doblò has won demonstrates its level of innovation, but also the extent of the changes in order to respond to new Customer needs”.

Attributes of the new Doblò Cargo
1. Authentic commercial vehicle in the small van segment with a genuine departure from car-derived modelsThe new Doblò Cargo is the first vehicle in the small van segment that is endowed with a load volume and payload typical of higher segments despite its compact dimensions. It is also thrifty on fuel and eco-friendly. These attributes have allowed the new Fiat Professional model to claim its place as the first and only vehicle in its category to mark a genuine departure from car-derived models. This vehicle was developed from the design stage to be an authentic commercial vehicle, not simply a small van but a proper LCV that can be adapted to all working missions and different types of trim level due to an array of 10 body types and more than 500 versions obtained by combining the various types of body, side and rear doors and engines. This makes it ideal for professional drivers who spend many hours of the day in their vehicle: in town traffic with frequent stop and go situations to load and unload goods, but also for fast intercity trips.

2. The new Doblò Cargo, constructed on a new platform, boasts several records for its categoryIt has an internal length of up to 2.17 metres, width between wheel arches of 1.23 metres, volumes up to 4.6 cubic metres (5.4 m3 in the coming months with the launch of the Maxi High Roof versions), payload from 750 to 1000 kg, NEDC fuel consumption of 4.8 litres/100 km, range of 1250 km and CO2 emissions of just 126 g/km with the 90 HP 1.3 MultiJet II Euro 5 engine. These records ensure customers substantial benefits in terms of optimising their business and containing running costs. The new vehicle offers a roomy, square, regular and fully usable load compartment that is equipped with sliding side doors and generously-sized rear doors to make light work of loading and unloading operations.

3. Innovative design and generous dimensions make the new Doblò Cargo the benchmark in its category
A front end full of character, essential side line with pronounced wheel arch and an imposing rear end that emphasises the accessibility and breadth of the load compartment; this solid, sturdy look is emphasised by exterior and interior dimensions that have been increased compared to the previous model, confirming a trend that has seen steady growth in LCV functional parameters (payload and volume) over previous years.

4. The new Doblò Cargo offers 5 engines
Engines include 95 HP 1.4 petrol unit, a 1.4 Turbo methane-petrol unit and three turbodiesels (a second generation 90 HP 1.3 MultiJet, a 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet and a 135 HP 2.0 MultiJet). All units are Euro5 compliant with Start&Stop as standard and particulate filter on diesel units. They are distinguished by for driving satisfaction, excellent performance, low noise levels, low running costs (fuel consumption and maintenance) and also by their reliability and eco-friendliness.

One particularly attractive option is the new 120 HP 1.4 T-jet Natural Power option, the only turbocharged bi-fuel methane/petrol power unit in its segment able to guarantee a range of up to 750 km (up to 450 with CNG fuel supply and 300 in petrol mode) with consumption of just 4.9 kg of methane every 100 km and 7.4 l/100 km of petrol and a payload of up to 980 kg.

By the end of the year, the engine range will be extended with a 90 HP 1.6 MultiJet with MTA gearbox.

5. In the field of safety, the “International Van of the Year 2011” knows no rival!
To ensure optimum dynamic behaviour, comfort and active safety in all road surfaces and load conditions, the vehicle has been equipped with innovative mechanical features including a bi-link rear suspension system available with various component calibrations depending on vehicle application. The new Doblò Cargo's consistent and predictable road-holding is partly guaranteed by the use of state-of-the-art electronic devices for stability control, namely ABS with electronic brake force distribution EBD and, above all, ESP complemented by a Hill-Holder system that helps the driver during hill starts and comes as standard on this model.

The new Doblò Cargo has been designed and built to achieve the highest levels of passive safety, due to a body with crumple zones, front air bags and innovative front side bags; the latter offer protection for both head and chest. It features a host of small smart solutions that transform the driver's cab into a veritable travelling office, such as a shelf under the roof, a document holder on the dashboard and plenty of practical storage compartments. The vehicle also offers technical solutions and technological equipment that create optimum comfort conditions and help keep attention on the road: these include a climate control system available in an automatic version, cruise control, parking sensors, a built-in Blue&Me hands-free system, a “Blue&Me TomTom” navigation system and the innovative eco:Drive Fleet Professional system.

6.The new Doblò Light Truck
The Hanover Motor Show will also host the world debut of the new Doblò Light Truck, the first OEM light truck in the sector, guaranteeing quality and reliability for customers and a new chassis cab version with floorpan and refrigerated chamber. The new Light Truck version with its compact exterior dimensions allows easy use around town even in cramped and difficult situations such as alleyways and cut kerbs but also offers entirely respectable box measurements: 2.30 m in length, 1.86 m in width and 4 m2 of load area. The vehicle offers a payload of up to 1000 kg made possible by brand-new rear bi-link suspension systems that ensure significant maximum permitted loads on the axles: up 1450 kg at the rear.

Fiat Group wins "ENGINE OF THE YEAR" award

The FPT 1.4 Turbo engines, the first to incorporate revolutionary Multiair technology, won the prestigious “Engine of the Year” award in the best new engine of the year category. These innovative four-cylinder engines combine Multiair, the electro-hydraulic management of the inlet valves, with turbocharger, setting new efficiency standards.

Developed and manufactured by FPT – Fiat Powertrain Technologies. The top range 170 bhp version, with 124 bhp/litre, has an outstanding specific power output which, combined with peak torque of 250 Nm, guarantees sporty performances, but also record-setting fuel consumption and emissions.

Multiair technology, which already won numerous prizes, is based on direct control of the intake air, cylinder by cylinder and stroke by stroke, without a throttle valve, and it reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 10%, while increasing the power output by 10% and improving torque by 15%. What is more, all polluting emissions are also reduced by careful monitoring of combustion. Multiair technology is versatile, easily applicable to all petrol engines, and has the potential to be developed for diesel engines in future.

The “Best New Engine of the Year” award, assigned by an international jury of 65 specialist journalists from 32 countries, was collected by Aldo Marangoni, FPT Product Engineering Vice President.

“The award is further confirmation of the Fiat Group’s acknowledged capacity for technological innovation; the Group had already won the prize in 2005, in the 1.0 to 1.4 litre capacity class of the “International Engine of the Year”, with the small but sophisticated 1.3 Multijet, which opened a new chapter in the history of diesel engines, a field in which the Group has always been a leader, having been the first to launch innovations such as direct injection and common-rail technology on the market”, said Aldo Marangoni.

"Lots of power combined with serious inroads made in emissions reduction makes this a very good engine. Then, when you look at the fuel economy, Fiat's MultiAir turbo powertrain becomes a great engine - it's easy to see why it has won Best New Engine for 2010", said Dean Slavnich, Co-Chairman of the Awards, and editor of Engine Technology International.





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