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Blue&Me™. The simplest and easiest way to communicate.

The result of the collaboration between Fiat Auto and Microsoft, Blue&Me™ will change the way you communicate and listen to music on the move.

Using a series of voice commands, without taking your hands off the wheel you can telephone and listen to incoming SMS messages on your Bluetooth mobile phone, interpreted by Blue&Me™, consult your phonebook and listen to MP3s. Blue&Me™ supports most mobile phones with Bluetooth technology.

The hands-free system

The Blue&Me™ hands-free system uses exclusive universal voice-recognition technology: regardless of who is speaking, the system does not need time to learn the voice.

After pairing your Bluetooth mobile phone with the system, which you only need to do once, and downloading your phone’s phonebook, you can make and receive phone calls simply by speaking: all the commands can be given without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Up to 5 different mobile phones can be paired with the system: should more than one paired phone be present in the car at the same time, Blue&Me™ connects with the last phone used.

You can call a number by dictating the number, digit by digit, or simply by saying the name of the person you want to call, provided they are in your phone’s phonebook. Alternatively, you can use the steering wheel controls to scroll though the phone book on the display on the instrument panel.

Musical entertainment

With Blue&Me™ you can listen to all your favourite music in the car, in MP3/WMA/WAV digital format.

All you have to do is connect your digital storage device to the USB port in the glove compartment. The device can be a USB pen-drive, MP3-player or one of the new smart phones, or even an I-pod: the only requirement is that the device be fitted with a USB port and that the files downloaded are not covered by music copyright, such as iTunes files.

When you connect the device to the USB port, the words ‘MEDIA PLAYER’ immediately appear on the radio display, indicating the music source you are listening to.


Using the voice or steering wheel commands, you can select the music track you want to listen to by browsing through the various folders and files shown on the instrument panel display: in an instant, you will hear your selected track.

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