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The details that make the difference

Functional design, with a strong personality: rounded shapes, essential lines, a bold, sturdy front.

The front has a unique personality, which is strong but not at all aggressive: the short bonnet, flanked by futuristic, technical headlamps, conveys an impression of strength, which is underscored by impact shields and tall bumpers, with optional built-in fog lights, that protect the vehicle front and sides. The front pillars evolve from a strong connection in the bumper and form an arch that blends into the roof.


Its new aerodynamic configuration enables the New Fiorino to have a Cx (drag coefficient) of 0.31: a truly brilliant value, reflecting a drag force similar to that of a sedan.

The compact, linear profile is comprised of a muscular lower part, characterised by conspicuous wheelarches, while the upper part is enclosed by a frame that makes look it sturdy and structured.[/

At the rear a frame created by faceting defines both the load volume and the generous rear access, endowing the New Fiorino with an innovative, futuristic style, with finely crafted, sophisticated two-colour light clusters.

The New Fiorino does not neglect comfort. The interior is spacious, ergonomically designed and eminently habitable: the wide, luminous windscreen enhances the feeling of wellbeing, and so do the comfortable, wraparound, adjustable seats. The instrument panel is fully equipped and legible and space in the cockpit has been specially conceived to let you organise your workplace most effectively, with 12 storage compartments distributed over the door panels, the facia, the handbrake tunnel.

The circulation of the air and climatic comfort are ensured by an efficient ventilation system using 8 nozzles for windshield demisting and 4 adjustable diffusers with an air flow of 400m3/h. For particularly demanding customers, manual climate control with pollen filter can be had as an option.

Numerous technical devices and the use of effective sound-absorbent materials greatly attenuate wind and engine noise and cockpit sound-proofing is excellent.

In the New Fiorino communication and multimedia systems also play a prominent role. The options offered include: Bluetooth® system with voice controls, cell phone interface and a dedicated frame on the facia, radio with CD and MP3 player with 4 speakers and ad hoc display on the dash.
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