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Surprisingly big and versatile

Clever dimensions. The loading compartment is 1.52 m long,(and its length can be increased to 2.49 m with the passenger seat folded over),1.47 m wide, with a distance between the wheelarches of 1.04 m, it is 1.18 m wide and has a load volume of 2.5 m3, that can be raised to 2.8 m3 by double folding the passenger seat.

Roomy and well organised, the loading compartment has a flat, ribbed floor, 6 cargo retaining rings, and a an optional removable torch, which serves as a regular light fixture when hooked to its support on a side wall.

The ladder type partition, consisting of 9 rungs, protects the driver against possible displacements or intrusion of the goods carried. The partition can be had in different versions: fully panelled, glazed or partly panelled (plate up to the waist line, topped by a grate). The rear door of the Fiat Fiorino consists of 2 asymmetrical (40/60) panelled wings opening to 90 or 180 degrees to facilitate loading and unloading operations (up to 1.14 m wide and up to 1.06 m high). Moreover, the loading compartment floor height is only 53 cm from the ground: unbeatable comfort!
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