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Safety on the job

The New DoblÚ Cargo was designed to achieve the highest levels of safety and to offer the best protection for driver, passengers and cargo, during all journeys.

This objective has been attained thanks to the bodyshell with crumple zones, to the cab doors fitted with side impact protection bars and to the bumpers which contain a progressive collapse bar. But thanks also to the seats, which are fitted with a device which, in the event of impact, brings the headrests closer to the occupants' neck, avoiding the effect commonly known as "whiplash".

And also to the front airbags on the driver's side (always fitted as standard) and on the front passenger side (upon request), and the innovative front side airbags (upon request), which protect both the head and chest.

To guarantee maximum road holding under any condition, the New DoblÚ Cargo features the latest electronic devices.

The braking system with 4-sensor ABS complete with electronic brake force distributor (EBD) prevents the wheels from locking and guarantees complete control of the vehicle under any condition, ensuring a responsive and smooth braking action and improved stopping distances.

The optional electronically controlled vehicle stability program (ESP) is fitted with Hill-Holder, the function designed to help you with hill starts, as it automatically provides the necessary braking torque to control the vehicle on the hill.

Lastly, the optional reverse parking sensors help you complete your manoeuvres safely even when the visibility is limited.
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