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New force for labour
More power, higher torque, enhanced performances and improved fuel economy. It might seem somewhat contradictory, but this is what the Ducato engine technology is about. Three new Multijet 16 valve Common Rail engines featuring electronically managed high pressure injection.

Power output ranges from the 100 bhp of the 2.2 to the 120 bhp of the 2.3, up to the 157 bhp of the 3.0 Power.

All the engines are clean and environment-friendly (Euro 4), are mated to new 5- and 6-speed gearboxes and deliver high torque at low revs (250 to 400 Nm), for sparkling pickup, great driving pleasure, optimal comfort and, first and foremost, fuel economy.

Innovative mechanical parts and technologies made it possible to have longer maintenance intervals: oil change is required every 28,000 miles (25,000 miles for the 2.2 engine).
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