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Safety travels by Ducato
20000 hours of structural design work, 120 crash tests, hundreds of tests on components and subassemblies: these figures shed some light on the efforts made to increase even further the superior safety standards of the Ducato.

The vehicle has been designed to absorb small impacts most effectively. Occupant safety in the event of a crash is guaranteed by diversified bodyshell stiffness and a non deformable cockpit structure.

All seats* are equipped with three-point belts.
The dual stage driver airbag is supplied as standard.
Options include a 120 lit. passenger airbag - which will also protect a person seated in the centre of the two-seater bench -, side bags and window bags making for total protection.

Safety also means prevention. Even from this point of view, Ducato is at the forefront. The split circuit braking system with 4 disks is fitted with ABS with EBD.

The ESP, available on request, steps in to control vehicle swerving in critical conditions, e.g., when manoeuvring to avoid a sudden obstacle, and includes the Hill-Holder, to start on an incline without having to pull the handbrake, the HBA for increased braking force in panic braking, and the LAC (Load Adaptive Control), which monitors the conditions of the load so as to calibrate and optimise the operation of the ABS, the ASR and the ESP.
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