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Solutions to help boost your business

The New Doblò Cargo introduces brand new technological contents, designed to simplify your tasks, to make you save on money and increase the profitability of your business.

The first in its class, the New Doblò Cargo adopts an innovative independent-wheel bi-link rear suspension for optimum comfort and easy handling, increasing road holding qualities and the load capacity in a compact size. Thanks to the modularity of its components, it can be equipped according to the characteristics and intended use of the vehicle. In the Cargo 750kg version, the excellent balance between performance levels and weight guarantees comfort and excellent dynamic control. In the Cargo 1,000kg version, fitted with an anti-roll bar, suspension is optimised for the payload (record in its class) and allows a maximum permitted load on the rear axle of up to 1,450kg.

Extremely handy for moving around and making deliveries about town, the Start&Stop device shuts off the engine automatically every time the traffic holds up the vehicle.

Simply shift the gear lever into neutral and the engine shuts off while all the functions which guarantee comfort and safety on board the vehicle remain active (air conditioning, radio, windscreen wipers). This makes for considerable benefits: 15% less fuel consumption (on average in the urban cycle), 4% fewer CO2 emissions (on average in the combined cycle) and reduced noise pollution. Start&Stop is fitted as standard with Euro 5 engines.

Blue&MeTM - TomTom® is the only integrated infotainment system that allows you to control safely - through a modern colour touch-screen - your mobile phone, map navigation along with all the necessary driving information. Place it on the dashboard like a practical portable navigator and control it with voice commands or from controls on your steering wheel.

With Blue&MeTM -Tom Tom® you can view the information from Trip Computer, indications as to the fuel level, the location of filling stations, and the information on your mobile phone - for a more enjoyable and safer journey.
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