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FREE Check Up!!!

Pratts of Carlow Ltd. has launched a FREE Check Up Campaign offering all motorists a 20-point visual check, free of charge. All motorists can benefit from this FREE Check Up scheme at our state of the art workshop on Pollerton rd, Cerlow. The free 20-point Check, identifies any potential problems that may exist. We are encouraging all car owners to avail of this free check.


In cost-conscious times, there can be a temptation for people to postpone their vehicle’s annual service, however, this may cost you significantly in the long run and ultimately be dangerous for you, your passengers and other road users.

    Check List



    Engine Bay
    Coolant/Antifreez Level
    Antifreez strength
    Coolant/Antifreez Circulation
    Coolant/Antifreez Leaks
    Brake Fluid Condition
    Brake Fluid Level
    Engine Oil Level
    Power Steering Fluid Level
    Windscreen Washer Level
    Auxillary Drive Belt Condition
    Drive Shafts & Boots

    Front Suspension Dampers & Bushings
    Rear Suspension Dampers & Bushings

    Discs & Pads
    Flexi Pipes/Hoses

    Condition & Thread Depth

    Road Test

To book a FREE Check Up call us on 059 9132333
Pratts of Carlow Ltd., Pollerton Rd, Carlow, Co. Carlow, Ireland. Phone : +353 (0)59 9132333 Fax: +353 (0)59 9140058 E-mail:

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