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Parts and Services Centre

Service Centre
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Service Centre
Pratt's have a very modern and well-equipped service centre, efficiently run by Cadena Pratt. Cadena runs a tight ship with a team of highly trained Fiat technitions. Dealer Principal Clive Pratt has over 30 years experience as a technician and motor Mechanic and leads by example making sure all customers get a first rate service from Pratts.

At Pratts we take the hassle out of getting your car serviced. With our renowned focus on customer service, we’ll ensure that you get your car serviced with the minimum of fuss.

The Service Centre features:
  • 7 service bays.
  • 24-hour emergency breakdown service.
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment.

  • Computerised wheel alignment equipment.
  • Team of expert technicians.
  • Fully equipped tyre bay.
  • State of the art, insurance approved, accident repair centre.
  • Vehicle “off-road” overnight emergency parts service.
Service centre is open Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 6.00pm, Closed Saturday
(Closed for lunch 1-2 Mon – Sat).

Fiat Warranty

All new Fiat cars are now covered by 3 years manufacturer's warranty and 3 years AA membership as standard. Fiat auto is the only car company that offers so much value!

Fiat builds cars to the highest possible standards and each vehicle is subjected to numerous checks and inspections before they leave the factory. Once on the road your car is protected by three different warranties.

Fully Covered
Your Fiat has the backing of a 3 Year Warranty, 3 Year Paintwork Warranty and an 8 Year Anti-Perforation Warranty.

So, apart from routine adjustments and servicing items made necessary by fair wear and tear, everything from the engine to the bodywork is guaranteed.

The Genuine Article
Fiat Genuine Parts are designed and built to the exact tolerance needed by your Fiat, using precisely the same specified material as the original component. Each part is subjected to the same rigorous quality controls as your car, offering high quality and safety. So, not only are they a perfect fit, but you can rest easy in the knowledge that they’ll perform as well as your Fiat. We guarantee their performance and include a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty on each and every component. We don't just maintain your car, we provide peace of mind to you.

Fiat AA Roadside Assistance

Fiat AA Assurance cover
Fiat, through the services of the Automobile Association, provides 3 years Fiat AA Assurance cover with all new Fiat cars. This is a service designed to minimise any possible interruption to your journey caused by a problem with your car and the associated inconvenience to you and your passengers.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown or accident, Fiat AA Assurance cover gives you access to the resources of the AA and the Fiat dealer network. Using the latest technology, are on hand, through their specialist call handling staff, to ensure a fast response to your call.

Whichever level of service you need, from Roadside Assistance through to Rescue Plus, Fiat AA Assurance helps to ensure that you have access to Europe's largest motoring organisation at all times.

Fiat AA Assurance cover is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing the following services:

Home start
If your car is immobilised at home, whether due to flat battery, or something more serious, Fiat AA Assurance is ready to respond to your call for assistance.

Roadside Assistance
If your vehicle is immobilised at the roadside, the first priority is to get you mobile again, as quickly as possible. In most cases, the problem will be diagnosed and fixed at the roadside. Where this is not possible, you can call upon the additional services of Relay and Relay Plus.

Car recovery, with up to seven passengers, and relay back to the nearest Fiat Dealer or any other single location within the IE.

Rescue Plus
An extension of Rescue, providing a number of options to help you find the most convenient way to continue your journey in the event that your car is temporarily immobilised - options to choose from include either emergency car hire, alternative travel arrangements or overnight accommodation.

European Assistance
Assistance in UK, Mainland Europe, all islands of the Mediterranean and Turkey.

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